Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winner of Name That Bundle Contest

The winner of the Name That Bundle Contest is Connie Rhea!  

She submitted Florida Sunrise and received the most votes. 

Congrats Connie! You will receive this bundle as your prize! 

(She has been notified by email)

Go here to purchase!! 

Thank you to all those who voted and participated in the contest!

Talk to you soon!

Valentine's Day Pillow {Tutorial}

Hi there! Today I have a quick and easy project to share with you!!  I am a little obsessed with pillows.  I love making them for all the different holidays.  They add a fun holiday touch to any room in your house.  Plus they are quick! Which I love, because with three kiddos running around I don't have a ton of time to sew! So this is the perfect quick project to make while the kids are napping!

Valentine's Day Pillow

I have a love for simple blocks.  Especially the 4-patch.  So with the 4-patch in mind, I designed a quilt block just for this pillow! If you wanted to make an entire quilt from this block, it would look fabulous! :) 

Valentine's Day Pillow

Since I have a lot of pillows, I have to put them in all sorts of places!  I have some of them under my entry table, they are lucky to be there all day though--the kids usually play with them and use them in their forts!  But when they are there, I really love the fun touch it gives to my entry! You see the pillow to the left?  That is made from the most lovely new fabric ever!! I am pretty sure that pillow will stay there all year round because I just love the print! You can find it here!

Valentine's Day Pillow

Need some more reds and pink to make a pillow?

Here are some fabulous bundles to choose from and some cute pink and red prints we have available:

Think Pink
Cherry Fizz
Confetti Dots
Sketch Candy
Petit Point Red
Strawberry Tea Party Blossom (I LOVE this fabric! This is definitely going in my stash)


Alright, lets get started on this pillow!

For this block you will need:

5 - 5.5" squares (A)
16 - 3" squares (B)
1 Heart (print template here) You will need to cut this down a little bit to fit in your block.  I cut it down to the size I wanted.  Or you could make your own heart template.  
Block is 15.5" Unfinished
First make your 4-patches.  You will sew the B squares in pairs. Then sew the two pairs together.  Make four 4-patches for this block.  Press 

Next, you will need to iron on some fusible web to your heart fabric.  Then cut the heart out.  Iron onto the A square that you will have in the center of the block.  *Make sure you leave a 1/4 seam allowance on all sides of your square. 

Next assemble the block.  Sew together in rows, then sew the rows together to form the block.  Press seams. 

Now you are ready to stitch around your heart.  I did mine by hand with embroidery floss. But you could do this with your machine.  Whatever you prefer! 

To make into a pillow--you can find my Envelope Style Pillow Tutorial HERE

Valentine's Day Pillow

That's it friends! You now have a darling Heart Pillow for your couch, or in my case my entry table! 

If you make this pillow I would love to see it! Please share it with me! I love seeing all your fun projects! or on Instagram using the hashtag #sewingwithfwfabricstudio

Talk to you soon! 

PS: I will be doing a fun Instagram tutorial tomorrow! So check your feed tomorrow to see what I will be sharing! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hanging Towel Tutorial

Hello!  I'm Heather from Quilts Actually, and I will be sharing a tutorial to make a hanging towel for your oven handle.  If your kitchen is anything like mine, the towels tend to migrate from around the room and it is nice to be able to always have at least one that isn't going anywhere.

This project is a great way to use up your favorite scraps or to introduce the holidays into your kitchen by using seasonal fabric.  It is also quick.  You can complete this project in less than an hour!

Equipment Required: Rotary cutter and mat, scissors, pins, pattern weights, iron and ironing board, chopstick (or other blunt object for turning), hand sewing needle, Sewing machine (with buttonhole feature), fabric pen or pencil, and thread.  

Download the pattern template HERE!



Wash fabric (toweling and outer fabric, do not wash interfacing).  

Cut outer fabric using solid line on pattern.  Cut two.

Cut interfacing using dashed line on pattern.  Cut two. 
  • Interfacing note: I like the thickness and puffiness of the double layer of fusible fleece.  I have tried using one and two layers of the interfacing, and it looks a lot neater to use two layers because both sides of this hanger show.  If you don't have fusible fleece, something like SF 101 (or any light-medium weight interfacing) would also work, but don't skip the interfacing altogether.  Most sewing machines need a layer of interfacing under the buttonhole area to do a quality buttonhole.  

Line the interfacing up so that there is ¼” of the outer fabric showing on the sides and top, and ½” on the bottom.  Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the outer fabric following the package instructions.  Make sure that the glue dots are facing away from your iron and toward the fabric you want to fuse it to. 

Iron the bottom edge up ½” along the interfacing edge. 

Pin the two outer pieces right sides together, and sew along the interfacing line.  Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of this seam.  Leave the bottom edge that you folded up open. 

Cut small notches almost to (but not through) the seam line.  This will help the fabric lay flatter when you turn it.  Turn right side out and press the piece. Use the chopstick to get the rounded edge completely turned.  

Cut toweling into 12" lengths.  Hem the bottom edge of the towel by folding the edge up approximately 3/8” and ironing.  Fold up again approximately 3/8” and iron.  Pin this hem and sew.  Backstitch at beginning and end of seam.  

Prepare to insert the towel into the hanger.  Fold toweling into thirds and when you are happy with the size, insert approximately ½” into the hanger portion.  

Pin in place and sew and edge stitch around the entire outline of the yellow portion approximately 1/8" from the edge.  I recommend adding a second line of sewing within the first half-inch of the towel so that it is sturdier and will stand up to more use and washings. 

Mark the buttonhole along the center of the backside of the hanger.  It should be 2 ¾” from the outer edge, but verify the center on your piece before marking.  I started my buttonhole ¾” up from the bottom.  The length of the buttonhole should be the diameter of the button plus 1/8” plus the thickness of the button.  For these buttons, that would be 1 ¼”.  My machine only does buttonholes up to about 1 1/8” and although it is a little tight, the 1” button fits through. 

Sew buttonhole as required by your machine. 

(Optional) Place fray check along the inside of the buttonhole, on both sides of fabric, before opening it. 

Open buttonhole.  You can use a seam ripper or other method that you prefer.

Mark placement of button.  Using a 1” button, I placed the button along the center 1 ¾” up from the bottom.  If you use a different sized button, take your hanger to your oven door and place it as you want it to hang.  Place the tip of a marking pen or pencil through the center of the buttonhole and that will show you where to sew the button. 

Sew button on, and hang on your oven door to enjoy and use!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy project!  If you make a hanging towel holder, please share a photo with Lindsey at or on Instagram using the hashtag #sewingwithfwfabricstudio.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Valentine's Day Stitchable {Free Pattern}

Hi there! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Today I have another embroidery project for you.  I love these little Stitchables! They are so fun to make! 

I have been on a Valentine's Day decorating kick, and knew I wanted an embroidered piece on my entry table.  So I came up this Valentine's Day Stitchable:
Valentine's Embroidery

You could make this your own by switching up the floss colors to your taste.  You could just do the traditional red and pink and it would look just as lovely.  I added in some blues and a green to mix it up a little bit.  This is also a very simple pattern and perfect for a beginner.  There are only two stitches in this pattern - the simple back stitch and the running stitch.   
Valentine's Embroidery

I decided I wanted to frame mine, so I had my husband make me a frame especially for this piece.  I painted it red, and sanded it a bit to rough up the edges.  I then cut a piece of batting the same size of my fabric and placed on the back of my fabric (this is optional, but I just like how it looks when I do it this way) I then had my husband use his staple gun to staple the fabric and batting to the back of the frame.  
Valentine's Embroidery

I really love how it turned out, and it sure looks cute on my entry table! :) 

If you make one, I would love to see! Please shoot me an email with a pic! 

Talk to you soon!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fabric Frenzy Friday #47

Happy Friday!  I had an awesome fun filled weekend last week full of sewing and shopping!  I mostly dis some selfish sewing, but I also worked on some upcoming tutorials for you guys--which I can't wait to share! 

We have had a super busy week on the blog!  

  • Holly shared an awesome Envelope Clutch tutorial on Sunday--I love how her clutch turned out! It's so modern and very functional!
  • Deana, one of our blog contributors has started an amazing Quilt Along called: Shimmer Braid QAL -- you have to check out her quilt design, it is spectacular!
  • We also started the voting on the Name that Bundle contest! Click HERE to cast your vote for your favorite name! 
  • We introduced a fun Mug Rug Swap! We still have some spots available if you want to sign up! Click HERE for details! 

Now, lets get to this week's Friday Bundle Batch! (I am seriously in love with this bundle) 

Click HERE to purchase this bundle!

SILENT MOVIE is today's 8 piece Bundle Batch!  Black and white and gray just like the old movies - plus text prints, reminiscent of the captions at the bottom of the screen!  

Included in each bundle are one cut of each  (in order from top to bottom):
  1. Chalkboard Words - Timeless Treasures
  2. Garden Pindot Black  - Michael Miller 
  3. Architextures Black Screen - Robert Kaufman
  4. Crackle Black - Windham
  5. Architextures Text White - Robert Kaufman
  6. Oval Elements Licorice - Art Gallery
  7. Painter's Canvas Black - Michael Miller
  8. Architextures Text Black - Robert Kaufman

Need more than a fat quarter? You can purchase this bundle in 1/2 yard cuts rather than fat quarters.

Now that we shared our fabric for the week, we want to see yours!  

Here is your chance to link up anything to do with fabric! You can link up finished quilts, a work in progress, a new fabric you just bought, a project made with fabric, or maybe you just want to show off some of your stash.  Anything goes--as long as it has to do with fabric! 

*Please link up a specific post, not your main page
*Please link back or use a button on your post, or blog. 
*Please visit some other links and leave a comment! :) 

We have updated our blog buttons! Please grab the new code for your blogs! :) We have also updated the sidebar buttons! Thank you! 
*We are working on getting smaller buttons and will have them soon!

Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Name That Bundle {Voting}

Hi there! Entries were closed yesterday, and now the voting begins for our "Name That Bundle" contest! 

You guys had such great names! We had a hard time picking just five! So we actually picked six! We have emailed all of the finalist the good news, and now you can vote for your favorite! 

Here are the finalists: 

(**Tula Oreilly, I could not get your email address through your blogger profile, please shoot me an email so I can contact you if you win!) 

You have until Tuesday, January 27th to vote! Winner will be announced Wednesday, the 28th! Winner will be notified by email!

Winner will receive this bundle as their prize! 
Vote for your favorite name:

Sweetwater Summer
Sanibel Sunset
Florida Sunrise
Sweet Clementine
Poolside Mimosas
Tangelo Breeze
Poll Maker

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mug Rug Swap!

Hi there!  I am really excited about today's post! I have wanted to do a swap for a really long time!  I have only ever done one swap and it was over a year ago.  I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again! So I thought we would host one here at the Fort Worth Fabric Studio Blog.  I figured I should start out small, so I thought it would be fun to do a Mug Rug Swap! 

First off, what is a mug rug?

A mug rug is a simple mini quilt that is usually larger than a coaster, but smaller than a placemat.  

You can see an example of a Mug Rug right here!

You can also find lots of ideas on Pinterest! Just search for "Mug Rugs"

Here is how it works:
  • To participate you will need to fill out the form below (no one will see your information, but me)
  • You will be required to make a spring mug rug for your partner and mail to them by the required date.
  • Sign ups are open until February 1, 2015
  • I will email you, your partner's mailing information on February 6, 2015
  • Mail out your mug rug by March 2, 2015
  • Show and Tell Linky Party from March 11-25th
  • There are limited spots available! 
  • Please do not sign up if you don't think you can get your mug rug out by the required date. 
If you have any further questions, shoot me an email at OR leave a comment and I will reply back! 

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